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affordable Uganda Tours For solo travellers

Uganda Tours for Solo | Single Travelers

Uganda is a friendly country that offers solo travellers a hard-to-gain insight into African cultures, wildlife, adventures, and breathtaking scenery.

Boasting a 99% success rate at finding families of mountain gorilla in the extraordinary Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a Uganda gorilla trekking tour has become one of Africa’s most profound wildlife experiences.

Mountain gorillas cannot survive in zoos, so trekking into their pristine forest habitats is your only chance to see these gorillas in the wild. The permits for gorilla trekking in Uganda are among the most affordable in Africa, which makes it ideal for affordable Africa gorilla safaris for solo travellers.

Besides mountain gorilla trekking, there are a variety of other interesting things to do in Uganda. The country has many primates and Kibale Forest offers amazing chimpanzee trekking. Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks are great for savannah game viewing with plenty of lion, buffalo, hippos, and elephant, as well numerous antelope species. Uganda is especially scenic and has a lot to offer to solo travellers with a keen interest in natural history and those who enjoy active holidays.

Which of our Uganda safaris are friendly for solo travellers?

All of the Uganda safaris and tours we offer are suitable for single/solo travellers, with some tweaking to meet your specific safari expectations.

Tips for solo travellers

Single Room Supplements:

This is most likely the most significant disadvantage of traveling solo.

Most rooms or tents can accommodate two visitors sharing, which is how the owners determine their profit each night. If you are alone, the money from the second person is lost. Therefore, instead of paying the full accommodation rate, which can be very expensive for a solo traveller, most establishment will charge you a premium – known as a ‘Single Room Supplement’ – to make up part of the difference.

This single supplement for solo travellers can be anywhere between 25% and 75% of the ‘per person’ rate. Some properties will decrease or even waive the single supplement, but only when there is lower demand for accommodation or a last-minute booking need.

Consider travel date flexibility to access lower solo travel prices. Off-peak season rates often extend into the weeks at the beginning and end of the traditional peak season – meaning prime game viewing at lower prices. Think of booking your safari accommodation in advance to grab any early-bird specials or single supplement reductions (which may only be available for one room).

Single Occupancy on Safari

Aside from family rooms, most rooms accommodate two visitors sharing. On safari, double occupancy means two visitors per room, whereas single occupancy means only one guest per room.

However, this does not always imply that the room contains a single bed; it is usually a queen or king-sized bed. Single occupancy on safari is when a room or tent that might have accommodated two visitors is used by a single guest. A solo traveller may be charged a small fee to cover the expense of a ’empty bed’ at a camp or lodge.

Shared Activities:

Some single travellers prefer a completely SOLO safari experience, but others want the option to choose when and what to share with others. Each of these preferences comes with logistical or cost implications. For example:

  • Enjoying the exclusive use of a game-drive vehicle and guide gives you the ultimate freedom to plot your day, but it will cost significantly more.
  • Many primate experiences offered to tourists in Uganda involve sharing with others – for example, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, and boat cruise. Asking for a totally exclusive experience may not be possible.
  • Meals at your lodge or camp can be a communal experience with other guests or an evening at your own table or in your room/tent. The choice is yours, and there is usually no extra cost.
  • Some Uganda safari costs are fixed – which means that the more people you have in your group to share the costs, the lower the price of your safari per person. Examples include drivers, guides, vehicle transfers/car hire and chartered flights.

Another important solo travel issue to discuss with your Tulambule safari consultant is whether you are comfortable with the possible presence of young children at the same camp/lodge/tour. Whatever your preference, let your Tulambule safari consultant know beforehand so we can make the arrangements.