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Best Places To Visit in Uganda in 2023/2024

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Uganda?

All across Uganda, there are beautiful and interesting places to visit. Wherever you choose to go, we will help you discover what makes that area unique. The stories, history, people, and culture. The scenic spots, epic adventures, and memorable experiences. Scroll down to see all the interesting places to visit in Uganda.

National Parks In Uganda

How many national parks are there in Uganda? There are 10 national parks in Uganda with an extensive variety of flora and fauna. Uganda national parks are home to chimpanzee, monkeys, gorillas, lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, giraffes, hyenas and numerous antelopes.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has more mountain gorillas than any other place in Africa. In terms of size, the largest national park in Uganda is Murchison Falls National Park, while Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the smallest. All 10 national parks are governed by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA).

To access any of them, you have to pay the UWA fees (park entry fees) which you can either purchase from UWA offices in Kampala or from the national park entrance.

Other Interesting Places To Visit In Uganda

Besides National Parks, Uganda has several other interesting places to visit. The country is home to several cultural sites, forest reserves, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife reserves, rivers and and enchanting lakes which – in combination – make for one of the best safari experiences in Africa.

Other Top Places To Visit In Africa

All Uganda safari attractions are easily combined with other top African destinations. Logistically, neighbouring countries Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania are easily coupled with your Uganda safari. 

Meaning, you can visit enjoy big game viewing and the Great Migration of wildebeest in the Masai Mara National Reserve or Serengeti National Park before trekking through the rainforests of Bwindi National Park and Volcanoes National Park. 

And once you have ticked off all the places to visit in Uganda, end your trip off with a beachside escape in Zanzibar for a bit of rest and relaxation before heading back home.

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