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How To Book A Safari In Uganda 2023? Easy Steps

how to book a safari in Uganda
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How To Book A Safari In Uganda? If you’re planning your Africa safari holiday in Uganda, there are so many bucket-list experiences to choose from; exploring the alluring landscapes, trekking for endangered mountain gorillas, tracking wild chimpanzees, wildlife game viewing and much more.

We’ve been planning Uganda safari tours since 2014. We thrive on matching the right Uganda safari destinations, Uganda safari lodges, and Uganda safari activities to our clients’ wish-lists, making their safari dreams come true and their safari vacation unforgettable.

If you want to book or start planning your safari in Uganda, here are our expert tips on making it a seamless process:

Tips For Booking Your Uganda Safari

1. Know When You Want to Go For A Safari In Uganda

When planning your Africa safari in Uganda, timing is everything. Indeed, knowing how many days you want to spend in Uganda and what time of year you want to visit is very important information to have when you start planning your Uganda safari holiday.

Not only will this influence what you will see and experience, it also has a big impact on your budget.

Uganda has two safari seasons that travelers consider; the Dry season and Rainy Season. Usually, most travelers will explore Uganda during the Dry Season (June to September and December to February).

It is the best time for gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking adventures.

At this time of the year, the forest floors are less damp, trails are passable, and your photography equipment will not get soaked in torrential downpours.

If your goal is a Uganda gorilla trekking tour in the dry season, you need to book your gorilla trekking permit well in advance because the gorilla permits are highly demanded and are limited. This means you want to know the ideal Uganda gorilla safari dates as soon as you start planning. The Dry Season is also the best time to explore the savannah game parks to watch many of Uganda animals across vast plains.

But, if you’re on a tight budget, you can consider visiting during the rainy season (March to May and September to November). Some lodges and camps offer special rates for low-season. In general rain season in Uganda does not mean rain pouring down heavily all day. Laying on the equator, Uganda has pleasant weather throughout the year.

Find detailed recommendations on the best time to visit Uganda

2. Know Where You Want to Go On Your Uganda Safari

Start with having a specific goal for your safari. Maybe you’ve dreamt of seeing wild gorillas since you were a child, or witnessing wild chimpanzees, or seeing all of African Big 5 animals in the wild.

What animals or experiences are at the heart of your dream safari? The answer will more than likely help determine your ideal place to visit in Uganda.

Ask your Uganda travel consultant:

  • Where is the best place in Uganda to see the animal you most want to see?
  • Where is the best place in Uganda to experience what interests you the most?

After you have a primary location and approximate trip dates, you may explore which attractions and activities complement your goal. This is the main reason why we create and publish travel package and itinerary suggestions.

Check our Uganda safaris to find out which locations, attractions and activities go well together in terms of logistics.

You’ll most likely augment your Uganda safari goal with additional safari places and experiences, creating a wish list for our Uganda Safari Experts to turn into a dream safari vacation itinerary.

As part of our service, we make sure your safari tour is tailored around your unique travel wishes and budget.

For instance: if you’re traveling with your elderly parents or young children, celebrating a special occasion, use a wheelchair or dietary requirements – we tailor your safari itinerary around your needs.

You can always talk to us about what you generally do and don’t like on a vacation.

3. Have a Budget Estimate For Your Uganda Safari Tour

We recommend having an idea of a budget range that you are comfortable working within and disclosing it to your selected safari operator at the earliest opportunity.

This will greatly expedite the consultation process, and you’ll arrive at your perfect Uganda safari itinerary sooner.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed or cautious when thinking or talking about the amount of money you are willing to invest in your travels.

However, for a specialist and ethical tour company like Tulambule, knowing what budget has a significant impact on the planning your safari in Uganda, as well as what is and is not feasible.

4. Know Your Travel Style

Your travel style is a matter of personal preference and influenced by the people you intend to travel with, your budget, and the time you have available for your safari in Uganda.

If you have a limited budget, you will want the most affordable Uganda safari options. If you have limited time, you’ll want the most efficient travel logistics or short Uganda safaris.

Maybe you are planning a romantic honeymoon safari in Uganda or want to travel with young children on a Uganda family vacation?

If you want a completely private experience with features like your own dedicated guide, exclusive-use safari vehicle or private flight transfers, then chat with us about the options.

At Tulambule, we match your wish-list, preferences and budget to the most suitable accommodations, activities and destinations, and ensure you get the best value for your time and money.

Book Your Safari In Uganda With Us

Here are some tips on how you can book your Uganda safari vacation with Tulambule:

1. Send Us An Enquiry

You start Uganda safari planning by submitting an enquiry via our online form or email ( Include as much information as possible – the more the better!

Details like travel dates, places of interest, budgets, number of days you want to spend on a safari, the number of people you travelling with, plus any special requests are valuable nuggets for us to work with.

Note: there is no obligation; we’re happy to answer your questions and share our expertise in the hopes of creating your dream African safari with you!

2. We Get Back To You Within 24 hours

Our Uganda safari experts will introduce themselves via email within 24 hours (48 if it’s the weekend) and will want to spend some time learning more about you and your party’s travel preferences. They will follow up by sharing resources to help you create your perfect Uganda safari trip together.

3. You Receive Tailor-Made Uganda Safari Ideas

We will create tailored safari itinerary options made for you to review together. Perhaps you would like luxury Uganda safari, Budget Uganda safari or a mid-range Uganda safari? Maybe you want to mix and match into a new itinerary? The best trips are usually the result of some tinkering until you are 100% happy with your safari plan.

4. We Reserve Your Space

After settling on your preferred Uganda safari itinerary, we will make a provisional booking to hold every element of your tour. These are valid for about two weeks before it is released to other waiting travellers, so you have a chance to make any last-minute changes. We have seen people lose space in their dream accommodations so don’t drag your feet for too long!

5. You Pay A Deposit To Confirm Your Booking

A 30% deposit on all services (accommodations, gorilla trekking permits, etc.) is required. When you pay this deposit, your booking is now confirmed.

We will verify your safari with all our suppliers and ensure they have your and your party’s necessary travel details.

Your dreams of Africa safari tour in Uganda are becoming a reality!

6. Your Balance Is Due 60 Days Before Your Uganda Safari

You’ll receive a payment reminder one to two weeks before the balance is due.  If for some reason you need to reschedule or cancel your safari in Uganda, be it before or after the 60-day mark, we’ll be able to offer you guidance on the Terms & Conditions and work with you to resolve the situation.

7. We Will Double-Check All The Details

About two to four weeks before you’re your Uganda safari departure date, we will reconfirm each individual service, leaving nothing to chance. You will receive a safari document with useful and important information like, transfer times, emergency numbers, tipping guides, what to pack, etc.

8. Enjoy Your Uganda safari

The day finally arrives! We have taken care of every little detail of your Uganda safari adventure so you can relax and enjoy. And we provide you with a direct, 24/7 phone line operated by our Uganda Safari Experts to offer assistance at any time during your tour.

9. Share Your Thoughts With Us

On returning home, we will follow up to get more details about how your safari holiday in Uganda went and ask you to provide us with feedback. What did you love and what missed the mark?  Was there anything we can do better for our next traveller? We really value your honest feedback – it is vital to our business and our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Ready To Go For A Safari In Uganda?

You have set your travel goal, enriched your Uganda vacation wish-list, worked out your budget range and preferred dates. It is time to get ready for the safari advnture of a lifetime…

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