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6-Day Rwenzori Mountains Trek To Weismann Peak, 4620m

6-Day Rwenzori Mountains Trek To Weismann Peak, 4620m

6 Days

Discover the mountains of the moon on this 6-Day Rwenzori trek to Weismann Peak.

Tulambule in collaboration with the top rated operator at Rwenzori Mountains National Park organizes expeditions to Weismann Peak.

To conquer the highest peak in the Rwenzori Mountains (Margherita peak), technical mountaineering experience is need.

Weismann Peak climbing is therefore a good alternative for people who want to discover the beautiful landscapes of Rwenzori but do not want to do too difficult a trek to the top. Weismann peak is therefore the most popular route.

It is a 5-day hike with 4 overnight stays in simple camps. There is professional guidance from porters, guides and the cook prepares tasty and nutritious meals.

Through an acclimatization day, this trek has a good chance of reaching the top of Weismanns peak, at an altitude of 4620 meters above sea level. An experience you will never forget and completely off the beaten track.


Day 1: To Kilembe Starting Point Of Rwenzori Trekking

Day 2: Start of the Ascent

Day 3: Through Bamboo Forests and Heathland Landscapes To Mutinda Camp

Day 4: A Tough Climb to Bugata Camp

Day 5: Reaching the Weismann Peak at 4620 Meters!

Day 6: Descent through the Nyamwamba Valley


Day 1: To Kilembe Starting Point Of Rwenzori Trekking

Our tour driver guide will take you to the Rwenzori trekking hostel in Kilembe village. The route takes you past villages, rainforests, tea fields and tea plantations up to the Rwenzori Mountains.

This is the starting point of the Weismann peak climb. You are here at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains, at an altitude of 1,450 meters and you will spend the night in a simple, but attractive hostel.

In the next morning, the mountain guides will come to the hostel to give you a briefing. You then have the opportunity to ask the last questions before the climb.

Accommodation: Kilembe Trekking Hostel

Meal Plan: Dinner

Day 2: Start Of The Ascent

Today, your great Rwenzori Mountains adventure commence from the Rwenzori trekking hostel, at an altitude of 1450 meters.

After a hearty breakfast and briefing at the hostel, there is a short 2.2 kilometer hike that will take you to the gate of the majestic Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Here some park formalities will be completed and then the trek begins. You walk through the lush Afro Montane Forest Zone of the mountain range.  

En route, you will have an opportunity to encounter multitudes of birds, blue monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys and large groups of colobus monkeys moving through the forest in groups of 15-20 monkeys.

The flora in these forests is so beautiful from tropical flowers to bamboo thickets and moss-covered lianas. This can look like the setting for a jungle movie!

Enock’s Falls are just 200m from Sine Camp and offers beautiful pictures and a beautiful view from camp. Today, your trek will end at an altitude of 2596m and stay in a simple mountain camp.

A delightful hot meal will be served you as you listen to the exciting stories of the guides around the campfire.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be your first day at this altitude, so it is strongly recommended you heed the following instructions from this point on:

  • Abstain from consuming alcohol and caffeine;
  • Drink over 4 liters of bottled water daily (little by little, frequently);

Difficulty today: medium

Elevation: Kilembe 1450 meters to 2596 meters

Accommodation: Sine camp (Full board)

Day 3: Through Bamboo Forests And Heathland Landscapes To Mutinda Camp

After a good breakfast you proceed and soon the landscape changes to the bamboo zone. During the wet season this zone is predominantly muddy and can be slippery.

You will thus wear strong boots with a good profile for some parts of this walk. A hot cup of tea or coffee is offered at the Kalalama camp at 3147m. Here you can catch your breath and view another vegetation zone you have entered, the heath zone.

After this, you will walk further to Mutinda Camp along a beautiful trail where you cross a stream many times. It is an interesting heathland landscape with many unique endemic plants and flowers. You’ll spend the night in Mutinda camp at an altitude of 3688m.

In the afternoon you can do an acclimatization hike to the Mutinda viewpoint at 3925m. The climb is 1-2 hours up and 1 hour descent back to Mutanda camp. From this point you have a beautiful view over the valley and you can see the Kasese Town and Lake George.

PLEASE NOTE: You should take the acclimatization hikes very seriously. It is important to increase your chances of successfully summiting Kilimanjaro and save you from the consequences of altitude sickness.

Difficulty today: Medium

Elevation: Sine camp 2596 meters to Mutinda camp 3688 meters

Accommodation: Mutinda Camp 3688 meters (Full board)

Day 4: A Tough Climb To Bugata Camp

After a good breakfast today, you will hike through a landscape that is dotted with tussock grass. In the rainy season, it is useful to step on the bunch grass to avoid slipping.

The giant lobelias are also present and all this creates a fairytale landscape. The first part of the hike climbs to the Namusangi valley at 3840m and then continues to the Bugata camp at 4062m.

This day is possibly the hardest day of the entire hike. If this trail proves to be too difficult, you can still choose to climb via the Bamwanjara pass so that the route is less steep.

Bugata camp is the camp with the best facilities of all camps. There are solar lighting, good toilets, and a helicopter landing site.

Heaviness today: Medium to Difficult

Elevation: Mutinda camp 3688 meters to Bugata camp 4062 meters

Accommodation: Bugata Camp 4062 meters (Full board with drinks)

Day 5: Reaching The Weismann Peak At 4620 Meters!

Today is the moment when you will reach the peak. After a hearty breakfast, put on your strong hiking boots again and walk along the edge of Bugata Lake and climb a distance of 9km.

The top of Weismann’s peak is fairly flat and therefore has a good viewpoint. In clear weather you can see the Mount Stanley, Mount Speke and Mount Baker.

After visiting the peak, we descend to Kiharo camp at 3460m where you’ll spend the night. During the dry season you can hear the calls of the hyraxes that hide here at night.

Severity today: Moderate to semi-heavy

Elevation: Bugata camp 4062m to Weismann peak 4620m to Kiharo camp at 3460m.

Accommodation: Kiharo Camp 3460 meters (Full board)

Day 6: Descent Through The Nyamwamba Valley

Today you will descend further through the Nyamwamba valley and the trail is largely a descent. Near the Kiharo camp, you will turn right and continue to follow the river with beautiful views along the way.

Many Hyrax and primates are found in this place. At the end of this trek you’ll have a nice lunch with the guide and porters to conclude this special experience.

Difficulty today: medium

Elevation: Kihoro camp 3460 meters to Kilembe 1450 meters

End Of The 6-Day Rwenzori Trek

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6-Day Rwenzori Mountains Trek To Weismann Peak, 4620m