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national parks in kenya africa – Fees and Permits

Have you ever struggled to find clear information online about national parks in Kenya Africa? Kenya has 23 stunning national parks, 140 private conservancies, and 15 national reserves. We noticed there is a lot of outdated data about park fees, permits, and practical information. To clear things up, we have gathered all the current information about the most popular national parks in Kenya. Ready to dive in? Enjoy the read and start planning your safari in Kenya!

Best National Parks & Reserves in Kenya

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Kenya National Park fees for KWS areas

Most wildlife areas in Kenya are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS). You can find an overview of all KWS park fees on their website, here.

Nowadays, you can only get your permit through KWS’ online portal. Simply select the ‘National Park Entry’ option and apply for a permit. To access the portal, you need an eCitizen account (the same one you need to apply for a tourist visa). Creating an eCitizen account can be done via this link.

There is no limit on the allowed amount of visitors in KWS parks, so you won’t have to worry about being denied at the gate. We suggest that you buy each permit one day before entering a park. This will allow you to modify your itinerary on the go, and remain flexible in case of travel delays.