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Best Uganda Fly-in Safaris 2024

Uganda Fly-in Safaris are the best way to maximize how much of the country you see in a short period of time.

Also, they are designed for visitors who always want to avoid the trouble of long driving distances and bumpy road journeys on their Uganda Safaris.

You can substitute the long 8-10+ hour drives to or from the gorilla trekking forests with a scenic flight of about 1½ hour from Entebbe International Airport, leaving you enough time to enjoy the safari lodges and more activities around.

Uganda has is a lot to see. The major attraction is the mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

But this East African country is also a great place to track wild chimpanzees and rhinos on foot, to cruise along tropical waterways alive with hippos and crocodiles and to enjoy wildlife game drives in search of lions, leopards, hyenas, elephants, buffalos, zebras, and giraffes.

During your Uganda Fly-in safaris you’ll marvel at the iconic landmarks such as Africa’s largest lake, the world’s longest river, and the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains peaks. A fly-in safari In Uganda offers you an opprtunity to make the most of Uganda’s stunning diversity.

Our Sample Uganda Fly In Safaris & Packages

Our clients can now take advantage of this arrangement with our exclusive Uganda fly-in Safaris packages below. Flying safaris are ideal for travellers on a short time frame of 3 to 6 days.

And they enable you to fly in to track Gorillas and/or enjoy the game and dramatic scenery of Queen Elizabeth or Murchison Falls National Parks.

Our Uganda fly-in safaris cater for individual travellers, families, honeymooners, couples, as well as groups. Our customized safari 4×4 safari vehicles with experienced guides will be waiting to transfer you to your Lodge and also take you for game drives and other activities there within.

Uganda Fly-In Safaris Essentials Information

Several airlines now operate scheduled and exclusive chartered domestic flights to Uganda national parks. There are 2 hubs for the domestic flights in Uganda.

These include Entebbe International Airport in Entebbe city which is the only international airport of Uganda and Kajjansi Airfield in Kampala. However, Uganda has many airstrips/airfields where these domestic flights land regarding where the travellers are heading to.

These airstrips and airfields are located in different districts and national parks.

Some of these airfields are privately owned while most of them are owned and managed by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA).

Factors To Consider When Booking A Fly-In Safari

The first thing to think about are the finances and length of time you have allocated for your Uganda vacation. Although Uganda is a relatively compact country, many of its best attractions lie long distances apart, and driving times are slow and tiring.

The strategic use of domestic flights will allow you to hop quickly between places of interest. This is especially the case if you want to combine gorilla trekking and one or both of the two main northern parks like Murchison Falls and Kidepo in an itinerary of less than 10 days.

However, it is also worth considering that fly-in safaris will greatly increase the cost of a safari in Uganda. Also you’ll miss out on seeing the rural Ugandan landscapes and small towns that lie between the safari parks and other attractions. And if you are a fearful flier, a fly-in safari may not be the best option for you.

But, if you are pressed for time, not comfortable with long driving distances, and not too bothered about costs, then a Uganda fly-in safari is well worth considering.

Minimum Days For A Uganda Fly-In Gorilla Safari

You can go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park on a 2-day/1-night fly-in gorilla safari out of Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi Airfield.

This is involves a morning flight to Kihihi (for northern Bwindi) or Kisoro (for Mgahinga and southern Bwindi). You would then transfer to your lodge for the night, trek first thing the next morning, and fly back to Entebbe that afternoon.

While several operators offer 2-day gorilla trekking tour of this sort, it is quite a rushed itinerary. And you might be forced to cut your trek short if you have difficulty locating mountain gorillas. For this reason, a 3-day/2-night fly-in Uganda gorilla safari is better and it is the most recommended.

Types Of Aircraft Used On Uganda Fly-In Safaris

Most domestic flights in Uganda use light aircrafts.

The most commonly used aircraft is the Cessna Grand Caravan. This is a versatile, comfortable and reliable fixed-wing plane that first took to the air in 1982. It can carry up to 11 passengers.

These ‘4×4’ of small planes are capable of operating from rough airstrips. They are a high-winged single turbine aircrafts that are great for picturesque aerial photography.

Travelers who have not previously flown in a light aircraft should be prepared for the plane’s greater sensitivity to turbulence and stormy weather. This can make the flights quite hard-going for people who are prone to motion sickness, and terrifying to nervous fliers, but it is normal and nothing to worry about.

Luggage Restrictions On A Fly-In Safari In Uganda

The luggage weight restriction for most domestic flights in Uganda is 15 kg / 33 lb. Up to 5kg / 11lb of this can be carried as hand luggage.

Collapsible assistive devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches, strollers and prams are not treated as part of the 15 kg / 33 lb allowance. Hold luggage (checked baggage) should be carried in a soft bag no more than 60cm/24in high, 45cm/18in wide and 33cm/13in deep.

If you know your luggage will exceed 15 kg / 33 lb, it is possible to book an extra seat, which allows you up to 75 kg / 165 lb of extra luggage. Don’t be startled if an airline inquires about your own weight. This is frequently done in order to securely balance the smaller aircraft.

Charter and Scheduled Flights Options

You don’t usually need to charter a plane on a fly-in safari in Uganda. Uganda domestic airlines operate daily scheduled flights that connect Entebbe Airport with most other points of interest along Uganda’s famous western and northern safari circuits.

A charter flight will only be necessary if your Uganda safari trip includes somewhere more off the beaten track, you have unusual timings, or scheduled flights are booked solidly.

Cost Of A Uganda Fly In Safari

For a longer fly-in safari (6 days or more), you’re typically looking at US$750 to US$1,000 per person per day. For a shorter safari, such as a 3-day gorilla trekking itinerary, the daily rate is likely to be around US$1,000 to US$1,200 per person.

This price will usually be all-inclusive, with the only extras being tips and in some cases drinks.

When you look at itineraries for your Uganda safari holiday, you will quickly realize that Uganda fly-in safaris packages are more expensive than driving Uganda tours of the same duration.

This is largely because light aircraft flights in Uganda are expensive.

But it’s also because Uganda fly-in safaris tend to be aimed at big spenders and use the most luxurious Uganda safari accommodation. This high cost can be offset to some extent by the fact you will see a lot more in a shorter time on a fly-in safari, because it cuts out lengthy road trips.

Recommended Airlines For Uganda Fly-In Safaris/Domestic Flights

1. Bar Aviation Uganda

BAR Aviation is the largest and one of the leading aviation solutions service oriented airline in Uganda.

The airline is licensed by UCAA to carry out daily scheduled flights to different Uganda wildlife safaris parks.

It launched its domestic flights at Kajjansi airfield in Kampala and started operation on February 1st 2022. Bar Aviation has a fleet which comprises of small planes that carry a maximum number of 12 passengers.

Scheduled domestic flights with bar aviation Uganda operate with a minimum number of 2 people. The airline also offers helicopter flights and charters on request if the schedule services do not meet your needs. Below are the Uganda national parks where Bar aviation offers daily schedules and charter domestic flights:

Bwindi & Mgahinga Gorilla Parks – Gorilla Fly-In Safaris

Bar aviation Uganda operates daily scheduled flight from Entebbe Airport to Kisoro Airstrip for visitors who wish to visit Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Nkuringo sector, and Rushaga sector in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The flights depart Entebbe at 7:05 am and arrive in Kisoro at 8:30am.

The flights from Kisoro airstrip leaves at 8:45am and arrive at Entebbe Airport at 11:25 am. Flights to Kisoro airstrip are strictly in the morning and are subject to prevailing weather conditions.

Uganda Fly-in safaris that connects Bwindi’s northern sector of Buhoma and eastern sector of Ruhija are done in two schedules. There is the morning schedule and the afternoon schedule.

The morning flights leave Entebbe Airport at 7:05 am and arrive at Kihihi Airstrip at 9.00am. The afternoon schedule flights depart from Entebbe at 12:05 and arrive at Kihihi airstrip at 13:30 pm.

Return domestic flights depart from Kihihi airstrip at 9:30am, 14:05 pm and arrive at Entebbe airport at 11:25am, 16:3Opm respectively.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Bar aviation Uganda offers cheap daily domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s most popular national park. The flights are done in morning and afternoon schedules.

The morning schedule departs from Entebbe international airport at 7:05 am and arrives at Kasese Airstrip or Mweya Airstrip at 10:05 am.

The afternoon schedule departs from Entebbe at 12:05 and arrives at Kasese or Mweya airstrip at 14:2Opm. Return flights from Queen Elizabeth National Park depart from Kasese or Mweya airstrip at 10:20am, 14:35pm and arrive at Entebbe airport at 11:25 or 16:3Opm respectively.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the smallest national parks in Uganda located in western region. Domestic flights with bar aviation Uganda depart from Entebbe Airport daily at 7:05 am and arrive at Mbarara Airstrip at 7:50 am. Return flights depart from Mbarara airstrip at 10:45 am and arrive at Entebbe airport at 11:25am.

Semuliki National Park

Bar Aviation Uganda also operates daily domestic flights to Semuliki National Park in western Uganda. These are done in two schedules: morning flights and afternoon flights.

The morning flights depart from Entebbe at 7:05 am and arrive at Semuliki Airstrip at 10:05 am. The return flights depart from Semuliki airstrip at 10:20 am and arrive at Entebbe airport at 11:25am. Bar aviation Uganda also operates afternoon flights to Semuliki.

They depart from Entebbe airport at 12:05 pm and arrive at 14:25 pm. The return afternoon flights depart from Semuliki airstrip at 14:55 pm and arrive at Entebbe airport at 16:3Opm.

Murchison Falls National Park

Bar aviation Uganda operates scheduled afternoon domestic flights to Murchison National Park, the largest, oldest, and one of the most visited Uganda safari parks.

The flights depart from Entebbe Airport at 12:05pm and arrive at Bugungu Airstrip, Pakuba Airstrip or Chobe Airstrip at 13:O5pm. The return flights which depart from Bugungu, Pakuba or Chobe airstrips at 13:20 and arrive at Entebbe Airport at 16:3Opm.

There are also morning flights with Bar aviation Uganda to Murchison Falls National Park. These depart from Kajjansi airfield at 8:00am and arrive at Pakuba Airstrip at 9:05am.

The return flights depart from Pakuba airstrip at 9:15am and arrive at Kajjansi airfield at 11:45am.

Kidepo National Park

Kidepo is Uganda’s most spectacular national park located in far northeastern part of Uganda . Bar Aviation Uganda only operates daily flights to Kidepo Valley National Park from Entebbe Airport to Apoka Airstrip.

2. Aerolink Uganda

AeroLink is another highly recommend domestic airline in Uganda.

It also offers both scheduled and charter flights into Uganda’s national parks. From their base at Entebbe Airport‚ they offer flights to Bwindi‚ Queen Elizabeth‚ Murchison Falls‚ Semuliki, Kidepo and Lake Mburo National Parks. AeroLink also offers flights to Jinja – the adventure capital of Uganda.

So, you can enjoy exhilarating white water rafting on the Grade 5 rapids on day one and the unforgettable sight of gorillas the next‚ with the direct flight from the source of the Nile to western Uganda.

All AeroLink flights are about 1 hour and 15 minutes to every destination; enabling you to arrive refreshed and ready for you safari adventure. The each of their aircraft is flown by two experienced pilots. All passengers and third parties are insured through their London brokers‚ Marsh Limited.

Extra Wings

AeroLink Uganda is affiliated to Airkenya Express in Kenya and Regional Air Services in Tanzania.

From its hub at Wilson Airport‚ Nairobi‚ Airkenya operates scheduled and charter flights across the region‚ flying into all Kenya’s best known game reserves and parks‚ including the Masai Mara‚ Amboseli‚ Meru‚ Samburu, and Laikipia Plateau.

Airkenya also operates a scheduled daily flight to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania where Regional Air Services is able to offer convenient connectivity into Arusha, the Northern Serengeti‚ and Lake Manyara. Other Regional Air routes include Zanzibar and Dar-es Salaam.

3. Eagle Air Uganda

Eagle Air Uganda is also an airline that operates schedule and exclusive charter services in Uganda, East Africa and Central Africa. Founded in 1994, Eagle Air is now the longest serving airline in Uganda.

With its base at Entebbe Airport, Eagle Air offers an efficient service and boasts a large fleet of impressive Twin Engine Aircraft. They fly executives to attend business meetings, Diplomatic officials, Corporate Clients, V.I.P’s, Celebrities, Government Officials, Individuals, Families going for safari holiday trips, etc.

Eagle Air can also fly you to all the National Parks in Uganda.

They operate flights to West Nile Region (Arua, Adjumani and Moyo), Eastern Region (Jinja, Kakira, Tororo and Soroti) And Northern Region (Moroto, Kidepo, Kotido, Gulu and Pader).

FAQs About Uganda Fly-in Safaris

1. Are Uganda Fly-In Safaris Safe?

Certainly – Uganda fly-in safaris are indeed safe. The private charter and scheduled aircraft well maintained. The pilots are professionals with years of flying experience and safety training.

2. Can A Uganda Fly-In Safari Package Be Tailored?

Yes, were happy to tailor your Uganda flying safari to your interests and needs.

Whether you want to add additional safari destinations, include a different selection of safari lodges or extend your number of days on your Uganda fly-in safari. Many travelers wish to add on a second gorilla trekking trip to their fly-in gorilla safari package.

3. What Is The Best Time Of Year For Uganda Fly-In Safaris?

Our Uganda fly-in safaris are available year round. The busiest months are in the two dry seasons of January to February & June to September. We advise early booking when planning your fly-in gorilla safari in these months to give you the best weather and gorilla trekking experience.

4. How To Book Uganda Fly-In Safaris

You can easily book your Uganda Flying Safari by getting in tour with us. Tulambule helps you book your Uganda Flying Safari at affordable rates. Travellers are also reminded to book flights at least 2 days before the actual day to ensure timely preparations.

Our Uganda Travel Tips that we provide are well articulated and you won’t miss any necessary things or equipment on your trip. In conclusion, you can fly to any tourism destination in Uganda.

Book a Uganda Flying Safari to Kidepo, Bwindi, Murchison Falls, and Queen Elizabeth national parks with Aero link and Bar Aviation Uganda at affordable rates.