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Mombasa Holiday Packages

Our Mombasa holiday packages or Mombasa tour packages take you to fabulous coastal city in southeastern Kenya. Bordering Indian Ocean and easily accessible by air, Mombasa has long been one of Africa’s top beach destinations for holidaymakers looking for a classic sun, sea and sand vacation. It’s a dynamic Swahili city filled with interesting architecture, culture and welcoming people.

Mombasa also has a variety of accommodation options that caters for honeymooners, couples, families and groups of friends. Most of our accommodation recommendations are centered on Diani Beach which is know for its flawless white sands and safe, shallow water.

But why stop at a beach holiday? Kenya is home to wildlife-rich game parks and Mombasa is a good place from which to launch day excursions to the safari parks and reserves of the country’s southeast. But it is the Masai Mara – home to the Great Migration – that makes the best safari and beach combination. Flights connect each destination quickly and easily.

You can toast the Indian Ocean sunset the same day you began with a sunrise game drive. Discover the beauty of Mombasa with our selection of holiday packages designed to create lasting memories. So, why wait? Start planning your dream escape to Mombasa today.

Best Mombasa Holiday Packages

Attractions To Include in Your Mombasa Holiday Package

1. Mombasa Old Town

Mombasa has a long ancient history dating back to 900 AD, making it the oldest city in Kenya. Because of its location at the coast of the Indian Ocean, the city has been influenced by many external forces, which have ended in its unique identity.

And there is no better place to see this drastic transformation than at Mombasa Old Town. Here you can stroll around the crisscrossing ancient streets full of old stunning yellow buildings that used to house the incredibly mixed population of Mombasa.

You will see an Arab influence in the carvings of many of the old wooden doors still used today. You will also be able to witness many British and Portuguese influences on features of colonial architecture throughout the Old Town. It’s like walking back in time.

2. Fort Jesus

After spending a few hours discovering the beautiful streets of Mombasa Old Town, it’s time to learn more about the rich history of Mombasa at Fort Jesus. 

This UNESCO World Heritage listed treasure is Mombasa’s most spectacular attraction. Built in 1593 by the Portuguese to guard the productive Mombasa port, it was also ruled over the centuries that followed by the Omanis, Swahili rebels and the British, and all left their mark. 

Explore the ramparts and enjoy the views, discover the architectural flourishes, and learn the fort’s captivating history in the museum. There are rooms dedicated to telling the interesting stories of Omani influences along the eastern coast of Africa, as well as how they were able to take control of the city from colonial powers like the Portuguese. 

Similar to Zanzibar, Mombasa city has switched hands many times from the Portuguese to Omani to British, and eventually became independent before joining up with Kenya.

3. Mombasa Spice Market

The medieval spice trade made East Africa’s Indian Ocean coastline prosperous, and that heritage lives on today in the region’s buildings and multicultural population.

Visit the amazing spice market for a sensory explosion and proof that spices are still used in everyday life in Mombasa. Vocal salespeople hawk pyramids of nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, turmeric, pepper, and all manner of curry powders to provide a riot of color, noise and fragrance, while street food vendors make use of the spices just outside the market’s walls.

The Mombasa spice market is located along Nehru and Langoni Roads, just west of the Old Town. One of the best things to include in Mombasa holiday packages is a visit here.

4. The Mombasa Tusks

One of the most popular landmarks visitors like to take photos of is the Mombasa Tusks monument. This giant aluminum monument is in the shape of tusks. 

Built over a Mombasa street, it commemorates a visit by Princess Margaret, one of the daughters of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of UK. And since it is close to Mombasa Old Town, you can walk to Mombasa Tusks in about 15 minutes. So ensure you drop by there and take a few photos of yourself and the tusks to commemorate your Mombasa tours.

5. Haller Park

If you are looking to escape the busy Mombasa city and would like to spend some time with nature and be around animals Kenya is known for, Haller Park is a great place to include in your Mombasa Holiday packages.

This park used to be a quarry wasteland, but it was transformed into a recreational park for us to explore and a sanctuary for animals such as hippos, elands, Oryx, giraffes, tortoises, and more. It is pretty a big park, and you can spend an hour or two just walking around.

6. Diani Beach

After you’ve seen all Mombasa’s best attractions, Diani Beach should be next. This is Kenya’s best beach and coastal resort tow and it is easily accessible from Mombasa.

This wonderful place features a beautiful beach, a variety of activities to do and fantastic eating and accommodation options. Other adjacent attractions include two beaches (Takaungu and Tiwi) and the haunting sacred Kaya Kinondo forest.

  • Distance and driving time from Mombasa: 35 kilometers, 1½- to 2-hour drive, depending on the Likoni Ferry
  • Where to stay: Upmarket boutique beach hotels, Budget hostels, and most things in between
  • Activities: Diving, snorkeling, water sports, skydiving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, fishing, cycling, boat excursions and beach relaxation.

7. Tsavo East National Park

One of the best things you can do from Mombasa is a safari to Tsavo East National Park. Tsavo East is the closest of major Kenya safaris to Mombasa and offers an incredible array of wildlife.

It best known for its giant tusked elephants which are very often coated in the red Tsavo dust and male lions (descendants of the legendary man-eaters) with their scruffy wisps of hair in place of manes. Zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, gerenuk and Somali ostriches are other possible prizes.

  • Distance and driving time from Mombasa: 123 kilometers, 2 to 4 hours
  • Where to stay: Lodges and tented camps across a range of budgets inside the park and just outside the western boundary
  • Activities: Wildlife viewing on game drives and birding

8. Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West may not immediately come to mind when considering what to do from Mombasa, but it is one of the best Kenya wildlife parks with some dramatic landscapes, and it is close enough to make for a multiday excursion from Mombasa city.

Marvel at volcanic rock formations or the Mzima Springs with its baboons, crocodiles and hippos. You can also watch for wildlife such as leopards, lions, elephants, buffalo, giraffes, and zebras in the Ngulia Hills area. You might even see rhinos, and the birdlife is amazing.

  • Distance and driving time from Mombasa: 210 kilometers, 4 to 5 hours
  • Where to stay: Small range of mid-range and top-end lodges inside the park, plus a budget campground
  • Activities: Wildlife viewing on game drives and bird watching

9. Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

If you have arrived at Tsavo, you should definitely visit Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Run by the local community, it offers classic safari scenery of hills with light forest and savannah grasslands.

These provide as a backdrop for observing a wide variety of species, such as cheetahs, lions, elephants, and klipspringers. Birding is another popular activity in Taita Hills, and the sanctuary’s entrance houses an interesting WWI museum.

  • Distance and driving time from Mombasa: 201 kilometers, 3 to 5 hours
  • Where to stay: There are a couple of upper mid-range lodges inside the sanctuary
  • Activities: Wildlife game drive, bird watching and a museum visit

10. Shimba Hills National Reserve

One of the least-known treasures of Kenya’s safari collection, Shimba Hills is a great excursion from Mombasa. Featuring pretty, forested hills and ample grasslands, the reserve offers the chance to see buffalos, giraffes, elephants, sable antelopes, and baboons. It is also known for its abundant birdlife. And the butterfly population here has to be seen to be believed.

  • Distance and driving time from Mombasa: 52km, 2 hours
  • Where to stay: One upmarket lodge inside the reserve
  • Activities: Wildlife game drives and birding

11. Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park

It is easy to forget that the wonderful wildlife of Kenya is not just found on land but also under the ocean. Down near the border of Tanzania in Kenya’s far southeast, off Wasini Island, Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park is home to sea turtles, dolphins and all manner of sharks, stingrays and fish. The pristine coral reefs here are a stunning underwater world that just has to be seen to be believed.

  • Distance and driving time from Mombasa: 85 kilometers, 2½ to 4 hours
  • Where to stay: Wasini Island has a small range of budget and mid-range accommodations
  • Activities: Diving, snorkeling, water sports and dhow cruises

FAQs About Mombasa Holiday Packages

1. Is Mombasa good for a holiday?

Yes Mombasa is good for a holiday. The town is famous for food, culture, and tourism. It is oldest and second-largest city in Kenya with amazing beaches, world class hotels, historical ruins, bustling markets, and green parks. It is local on the Indian Ocean coastline and has many beaches offering activities for all ages and interests, including diving, swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing, and fishing. But if you just want to relax, there is no better place.

2. Is Mombasa a good holiday destination for families?

Yes, there are a variety of family friendly hotels in Mombasa with on-site kids’ clubs, exciting evening shows and direct access to pristine beaches and gorgeous clear waters. If you want to head out of your hotel with your family to explore, there are lots of things to do with the kids in Mombasa, including;

  • Visiting the ecological haven and wildlife of Haller Park
  • Watching Africa’s native animals up close at Nguuni Nature Sanctuary or Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary
  • Spending the day shooting down slides at Wild Waters waterpark.

3. Is The Nairobi To Mombasa SGR Train Safe For Both Passengers And Luggage?

The Standard Gauge Railway train travel between Nairobi and Mombasa and now being extended to near Lake Naivasha is the most recent and safest way to travel in Kenya.

  • It is also the most exotic means of travel between the Kenya interior and Kenya coast.
  • The coaches of the trail are air conditioned and with wide windows for best scenic views.
  • From Nairobi to Mombasa and vice versa, the train takes you through the Tsavo West National Park and Tsavo East National Park.
  • It is absolutely safe for both passengers and luggage.
  • Best 360o landscape views can be experienced from the restaurant car of the train.

4. What is the best month to visit Mombasa?

Mombasa has a tropical climate, meaning it has high temperatures throughout the year. It also has two distinct dry and rainy seasons, though you’ll still see plenty of sunny days during the wetter months. If you want to try and avoid rainfall altogether, the best time to visit Mombasa is between December and March, when rainfall is at its lowest and the temperatures remain consistently high – with March being the hottest.

5. Do i need a visa to visit Mombasa?

Ugandans do not need visas to visit Mombasa. However European, Canadian, Australian and USA travelers all need tourist visas to visit Mombasa. As Mombasa is a part of Kenya, the entry requirements and visas are the same for both destinations. Effective Jan 1, 2023/2024, all passengers travelling to Kenya from countries that require visas to enter Kenya shall be required to apply and obtain E-visa before boarding an aircraft as no visas shall be issued on arrival.

Visa Charges as at 25th October 2023:

  • Single entry visa + service charge: us$51
  • Transit entry visa + service charge: us$21
  • Courtesy entry visa + service charge: us$0
  • East African tourist visa + service charge: us$101
  • Multiple entry visa + service charge: us$101
  • 5yr multiple entry visa + service charge: us$201

6. Is Mombasa expensive?

Yes, Mombasa is a bit on the expensive side for the visitors. However, tourists can definitely fit the tour in a budget by creating an holiday package with what to do in Mombasa Kenya, where to stay, places to eat at and visit in their budget. All inclusive tour packages are also a great option for managing the expenses and they can even get great deals and discounts.