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Best Botswana Safaris And Tours

Botswana safaris or Botswana safari tours are among the best safaris in Africa. In fact, if you were to design a perfect safari country for yourself, it would look something like Botswana. Home to vast wilderness areas, Botswana is a world of deserts and delta.

It is where you’ll find the sand-drowned Kalahari Desert with its black-maned lions, but also the water-drowned Okavango Delta with its Big Cats, very big Elephants and a wonderful mix of woodlands, islands, channels and rivers.

Tourists on Botswana safaris tours also flock to Chobe National Park to witness the greatest concentrations of wild elephants in Africa. Botswana is one of the richest countries in sub-Saharan Africa and has one of the lowest population densities on the planet.

The roads are almost empty and there are very few large cities, but the Botswana safari industry is highly accomplished and often defined by high-end luxury safaris.

Keen to avoid mass tourism, the Botswana government aims high, putting an emphasis on low-volume, high-cost safari experiences. As a result, Botswana has emerged in recent years as one of Africa’s hottest ecotourism destinations.

Popular Botswana Safaris And Tours

These recommended safaris in Botswana can be customized to match your safari interest, budget, and how many people you are planning to travel with.