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Luxury Safaris Uganda

Looking for  Luxury safaris Uganda tours or a Uganda luxury safari in 2023/2024? Uganda has developed into a world-class safari destination offering luxury safari tours. 

Its tourism industry is now ready for visitors looking for upmarket safari accommodations, a high level of service, good food and refined operations. Fodor’s Travel included the country on its annual ‘Go List’ and rated it one of the top destinations to visit in the world. 

Mountain gorilla trekking has become into one of the must-do bucket list wildlife encounters in the world. Uganda is one of just three countries in the world to offer this thrilling adventure (the other two being Rwanda and DR Congo). Luxury safaris in Uganda has much more to offer than only mountain gorillas, including typical savannah safaris.

Top Luxury Uganda Safaris Packages

We have put together some luxury safaris Uganda tours, itineraries, and holidays to give you some inspiration. All of our trips are customized and can be tailored to suit you. Our goal is to curate the ideal luxury safari for you. And with our friendly and expert Uganda safaris specialists, we are confident we will.

fAQs About Luxury Safaris Uganda

1. Why Should I Choose A Uganda Luxury Safari?

As one of the top Africa safari destinations, Uganda has a lot to offer. High-end luxury tourism in Uganda is still in its early stages. However, all of the country’s main safari destinations such as Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth, and Murchison Falls National Park have at least a couple of lodges catering for the luxury market.

Also, scheduled flights are now linking the popular Uganda safaris destinations. And accessible charter flights are also opening up the country to travellers looking for luxury Uganda safaris.

Mountain gorilla trekking has long been a staple of East African safari itineraries. However, this is still mostly done as an add-on to a Tanzania or Kenya safari for the luxury market. Uganda is getting more equipped to provide luxury safaris, so tourists can now consider spending their safari in holiday Uganda only.

2. What Is Included In Luxury Safaris Uganda?

Uganda is following the trend of all-inclusive luxury safari packages that includes all meals, activities, drinks and laundry. Some Uganda safaris lodges even provide complimentary massage to help you relax you after a day out on the bumpy roads in the parks.

Check in advance for details of what is and is not included, in order to avoid unforeseen expenses while on the road. Tips are never included and they can add up.

There are many people involved in making your luxury safari memorable. As well as the staff at the lodges and your driver guide, there will be porters, park guides and trackers to tip as well.

Your tour operator can advise you on the recommended amounts, but a general tipping guideline for the guide is $10-15 per person per day.

3. Are Gorillas The Highlight Of A Uganda Luxury Safari?

Gorilla trekking is the highlight of most travellers’ luxury safaris Uganda. It is an adventure not to be missed and the primary reason most people visit Uganda, In recent years, Uganda gorilla safaris has received a lot of publicity is one of the highlights of African safaris.

Most budget Uganda safaris travelers and even backpackers will fork out a relatively high price for this once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing experience. As there are several gorilla families in Uganda, and each visit tends to be unique, you may want to consider doing two gorilla treks in Uganda. The composition of all the gorilla family groups is different as well.

Some families have more than one silverback gorillas and some have a lot of babies. The two national parks in Uganda that offer gorilla trekking have a very different feel. 

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the best place for trekking gorillas in Uganda is thickly vegetated rainforest. Read More: Guide To Trekking Gorillas In Uganda

4. Can You Describe A Typical Day On A Luxury Safari In Uganda?

The diversity of habitats in Uganda makes for a well-rounded safari experience, with wildlife safari game drives, boat cruises, mountain climbing, water rafting, sport fishing, and forest treks.

There is not really a typical day, since it depends on the safari activities planned. A day on safari in one of the savannah game parks usually begins with a wake-up call before sunrise or daybreak. 

Following a steaming cup of coffee, you will be on your way to look for the big cats and other predator animals. You could return to the lodge mid-morning for brunch.

During the midday heat, you will have the opportunity to relax in your comfortable luxurious surroundings. Then you will go out again wildlife game viewing on the savannah plains an afternoon drive, or maybe a safari boat cruise. 

On other days, you may take a day excursion into the park to reach interesting wildlife areas further away from your lodge.

The days in the rainforest, where chimpanzee and gorilla trekking are the primary activities, will be different. You will usually depart for the trekking after breakfast and return to your lodge or camp for a late lunch. After a morning clambering around slippery forest slopes, you usually spend the rest of the day at leisure.

5. What Accommodation Can I Expect On A Luxury Safaris Uganda?

There is a variety of luxury safaris Uganda accommodation. 

Some of the older Uganda safari lodges are relatively big hotels with most modern conveniences, such as Wi-Fi access throughout the lodge, 24-hour electricity, hairdryers in the rooms and air-conditioning. The current trend, however, is towards small, exclusive rustic accommodations, with only around 8 to 10 tastefully designed units. 

There are several different designs available, with canvas and thatch becoming more popular.

This is either a classic standing safari tent under a thatched roof, or canvas on wooden frames (something between a room and a tent). 

The focus is on exclusivity and service, and the architecture and décor design often compliment the environment. You may be assigned a personal butler and housekeeper. 

These people will attend to your every need, from bringing you coffee for those early morning wake-up calls to cleaning your shoes after mountain gorilla trekking or Chimpanzee tracking adventure. 

To keep the carbon footprint low, many of luxury Uganda safari lodges operate on solar power and only have electricity at certain times of the day. Wi-Fi may only be available in the communal  areas and hot “bush showers” may be offered.

6. What Are The Typical Costs Of Luxury Safaris Uganda?

For luxury safaris Uganda holiday, you should budget a starting price of US$550 per person per day. But, this is just an approximation since it is difficult to put an actual figure on the cost of a Uganda luxury safari due to many facts.

This luxury Uganda safari price obviously depends on a lot of variables, and most luxury Uganda tours are tailor-made. Some of the national game parks and lodges in Uganda are quite remote and your luxury safari will probably will likely include a combination of driving and flying.

The parks do not lend themselves to mass tourism, and while this is part of the appeal, it bumps up the cost of luxury safaris Uganda package. There are some hidden costs on a luxury safari, such as tips for rangers and guides and fees for optional activities. Accommodation, park fees, transportation, a tour guide, and three daily meals are often included.

Depending on the trip package, beverages/drinks may be included.

Please be mindful that gratuities and tips for guides add up. A general guideline is $10 to $15 per person per day. On a luxury safari some people tip even more.

7. When Is The Best Time To Go On Luxury Safaris Uganda Tours?

Generally, the best time to go on luxury safaris Uganda tours is between June to August and December to February, which is during the dry seasons. 

This is when wildlife gathers around the rapidly decreasing waterholes. Once the rain comes, the animals start to scatter. Primate trekking in the forest is a big part of any safari in Uganda. This is also best don in the dry seasons. 

However, it is very possible to visit the “Pearl of Africa” even though it is rainy season. Laying on the equator, Uganda has pleasant weather all year around. Read More: Best Time To Visit Uganda

Final Thought On Luxury Uganda Safaris

When it comes to choosing the ideal safari to Uganda, the answer depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. As shared above, there are plenty of options to accommodate all budgets, needs, and interests. From tent camps to luxury Uganda safari lodges, game drives to hikes in the forest jungle; Uganda can cater to everyone’s wishes and guarantees an experience you will not soon forget. 

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still have an amazing African safari experience in Uganda by choosing to stay in a tent, cheap Uganda safari lodges or visiting affordable national parks. Read More: Budget Uganda Safaris

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