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Wondering what is the cheapest way to see gorillas in Uganda? One of the cheapest ways to go gorilla trekking in Uganda is by booking in budget safari accommodation. 

Gorilla trekking is an undisputed highlight of a safari to Uganda. But most Uganda safaris that include gorilla trekking tend to be expensive compared to a more conventional safari, regardless of whether it is aimed at a budget or upmarket clientele. 

All Uganda tours that include a gorilla visit need to incorporate a gorilla trekking permit fee of US$700 per person which few people would regard as cheap. However, if you want to keep your gorilla trekking safari as affordable as possible, here are useful tips;

Six Cheapest Ways To See Gorillas In Uganda

cheapest way to see gorillas in Uganda

1. Visit Gorillas during low season

The best time to trek gorillas in Uganda is when there is less rain.

Therefore drier season’s months of June to early September and December to February are good for gorilla trekking in Uganda since trails are less slippery. However, the drier season coincides with high and peak seasons in Uganda, making services slightly expensive.

Low seasons in Uganda are the traditional rainy seasons of April, May, November, and October. During this period, some Uganda safari lodges, hotels, and camps tend to offer discounted rates of around 10% which you should take advantage of.

Also during this time, service providers pack their vehicles and would prefer to keep the machines working for lower pay than let them rust away.

Any savings on travel expenses can boost your journey, allowing you to enjoy gorilla trekking and other activities on the same trip.

Tulambule Uganda safaris stays open and provides excellent tour operator services in the low season. We will get you good rates on accommodation, and transport and also secure your gorilla trekking permits in Uganda, especially if you are traveling on a budget. Send us an email at to get a low-budget quote to see gorillas during the low seasons.

2. Consider budget or Midrange accommodation

Aside from the gorilla trekking permit cost, accommodation costs at the Uganda gorilla safari parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga can make your gorilla trekking trip expensive.

Therefore, it is good to consider budget or midrange accommodation for your Uganda gorilla trekking tour to become more affordable. But, you should also note that the quality of accommodation can make or break your gorilla safari experience.

It is therefore very important to consider budget friendly accommodation with minimum basic requirements like en-suite bathroom and toilet, a mosquito net and clean environment. Here are some of the best budget and midrange lodges and camps at Bwindi:

  • Gorilla Mist camp – Midrange
  • Haven Lodge Buhoma – Midrange
  • Agandi Eco-Lodge – Midrange
  • Buhoma Community Reset Camp – Budge
  • Trekker’s Tarven Cottages – Budget
  • CTPH Gorilla Conservation Camp – Budget
  • Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort – Budget

3. Consider short gorilla safaris

Another cheapest way to see gorillas in Uganda is to cut down on the number of days of your gorilla trekking safari. For example, in case you had planned for 7 days gorilla trekking tour, you can reduce it to 3 day gorilla trek.

We offer plenty of amazing short Uganda safaris that include gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. 

These short tours range from 2 to 6 days. And, even if you extend your vacation to Tanzania or Kenya for the Big 5 game viewing safaris you will still have a few leave days to spare.

4. Opt For a Group Gorilla Tour

The amount you spend while on a gorilla safari is increased manifold, if you are planning to travel alone, instead of going with a group.

For example, most accommodation rooms accommodate two guests sharing – and that is how the owners determine their profitability per night.

If you are on your own, then the revenue from the second person is lost – and so most properties will charge you a premium – referred to as a ‘single supplement’ to make up some of the difference. Also in a group you’ll be eligible for group discounts.

And besides sharing accommodation costs, you share costs of transport and the safari guide.

We offer many affordable group gorilla trekking tours to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks.

5. Avoid domestic flights in favor of Road Trip

Domestic flights are fairly reasonable in Uganda – costing around USD 250 for a one-way from Entebbe to Bwindi. But it’s cheaper and more eco-conscious to travel by long-distance road.

6. Start Your Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour from Kigali

You should be able to reduce the cost of gorilla trekking in Uganda by booking a Uganda gorilla safari from Kigali city of Rwanda.

This is because Rwanda’s Kigali International Airport is so close to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park that you will be able to trek for mountain gorillas on a 2-day, 1-night package.

By contrast, coming from Uganda’s capital Kampala or nearby Entebbe city (the home of Entebbe International Airport, you need to set aside at least 3 days and 2 nights to allow for the 8 to 10-hour drive in either direction to/from Bwindi.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To See Mountain Gorillas?

The cheapest place to see mountain gorillas in Africa is Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Compared with Uganda and Rwanda, it’s the least visited, most adventurous and the gorilla trekking permit here costsUS$400.

However, DR Congo has been politically unstable for a long time, and it will take time for the park to re-establish itself after the region’s past conflict. The price for gorilla trekking in Uganda is US$700 and in Rwanda is US$1500.

How to book a gorilla trekking tour?

There are a few ways to go about finding the right gorilla tour for yourself. You can call or whats up us on (+256)-782-915-447 or request a quote by email. We will listen to your requirements and suggest gorilla tours which might appeal to you.