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Family holiday in Seychelles

The Seychelles tours are not only for couples and honeymooners, but they are also excellent choices for families seeking for a vacation. A family holiday in Seychelles provides great experiences that will last long in your children’s memories. 

In addition to many beautiful beaches in Seychelles for safe and enjoyable fun, there is number of hotels providing family rooms and kids clubs. From feeding peaceful Giant Tortoises to treasure hunts and painting shells, there is much fun and interaction to be had. 

Spend the day Ziplinning, cycling, swimming, diving, and snorkeling for tropical fish with your family. There is much more to do here than merely relax on the beach. 

And unlike other Indian Ocean Islands, Seychelles has preserved its unique identity of wild coastlines and tiny peaceful villages. While fairly well-known, this archipelago still seems like a destination for the daring, and it’s difficult to find somewhere so unique that also works so well for a family beach vacation.

Family Holiday in Seychelles

Recommended experiences On A family in Holiday in Seychelles

1. Island hopping

While Seychelles is a comparatively small archipelago, each island has its unique character, which is reflected in the hotels and activities available.

We recommend hopping around a few different islands to obtain the best overall Seychelles family holiday experience.

Some of the family holiday in Seychelles combines the entertainment-filled Constance Ephelia Resort on Mahé, the main island with the Bird Island, a desert-island wilderness.

2. Constance Ephelia

Located approximately 40-minute drive across Mahé Island from the Seychelles International Airport, the Constance Ephelia Resort is a perfect first stop.

The children’s club, 5 restaurants, spa and various swimming pools keeps kids entertained, while the long stretch of beach slopes into calm, shallow waters where you can see the occasional vibrant fish. The beaches in this area are flawless.

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3. Zip-lining across the jungle

The zip-lining course of Constance Ephelia connects several zip-lines that crisscross the jungle, going through tunnels of undergrowth and across ravines.

Even if you are not the bravest, you can give it a try with your family. Looking down you will be rewarded with stunning views right across the jungle to the ocean.

4. Explore the ocean

Seychelles’ natural beauty extends underwater, where colorful tropical fish coexist with coral reef. While you may snorkel right off the beach at the Constance Ephelia, a short boat ride up the coast will take you to a marine national park, where coral reef is at its most pristine.

Jumping from the boat into the calm waters reveals a rich underwater environment teeming with parrot fish, green turtles, eagle rays and butterfly fish.

We highly recommend taking a boat excursion to see some of the other islands in the Seychelles. Sailing between the islands, you can observe the wild coastline mixed with occasional villages.

Family holiday in Seychelles

5. Bird Island

From the moment you step on this private islands, giant tortoises ambling alongside, it feels like you have arrived in an undiscovered corner of the world.

Bird Island offers a rustic yet pleasant family holiday in Seychelles with 24 basic wooden cabins dotted along the coastline. You may spend the most of your day outside on your patio, watching giant tortoises move up and bathe in a pool of water.

6. Enjoy a walk with a resident conservationist

A family vacation on the Bird Island immerses you completely in nature. Here you can witness birds and other wildlife you’ve only seen in documentaries.

A walk resident a conservationist and specialist on the island’s flora and fauna of the island, introduces you to its birds. You will learn about the nesting, feeding and hatching habits of various species, such as sooty terns, curlew sandpipers and noddies.

Your guide’s enthusiasm for loudly recreating the birds’ calls and revealing strange facts will keep your children enthralled. Even without expert guidance, you’re certain to come into contact with the island’s wildlife; it’s almost as if the animals are your hosts.

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7. Observe turtles lay their eggs

Bird Island has growing populations of hawksbill and green turtle, thanks to its conservation efforts. If you visit from September and December, you may witness a turtle laying its eggs, or hatchlings emerging from their shells.

Turtles are not picky about where they lay their eggs, and have been known to position themselves right next to sunbathers on the beach.

8. Cycle around La Digue’s secluded coves

La Digue Island, easily accessible by ferry from Mahé, is a laid-back, unspoilt island that offers something a bit different. With only a few cars on the island, the locals travel by bike – and we would recommend joining them.

Cycling from one end of La Digue to the other takes around one hour. You’ll pass through little village, coconut vendors, and vividly painted wooden houses constructed along the coast.

The island is famous for its jade-colored waves and its shoreline of rounded granite boulders. You emerge from the tropical forest at a tiny cove, its white sand gleaming against the blue of the ocean.

9. Eating with your family in the Seychelles

Meals in Seychelles may be a highlight of the day, with fresh caught fish playing the main part.

We recommend trying the red snapper, a local favorite, which is usually served in a delicious t curry sauce. Depending on where you stay, we believe that half-board gives the best value, leaving you with the flexibility to explore local restaurants for lunch.

The hotels, as expected, emphasize seafood, while larger resorts, such as the Constance Ephelia, provide a variety of options.

Best Things to do in Seychelles

Best Time To Go For a family Holiday In Seychelles

The Best Time to go to Seychelles for a family holiday is from May to September, which ties in well with school break. While temperatures here can be in the high 20s, the humidity is lower during this time. For wildlife lovers who don’t mind occasional rain, September to December offers a chance to witness the turtles laying their eggs or hatching.

Start planning your family holiday In Seychelles

Begin planning your Seychelles family vacation. These packages are only suggestions for what a family vacation in Seychelles may involve. They are only for ideas, as your trip will be tailored to your specific interests.

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