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Your Guide To Best Uganda Safari Lodges, Camps & Hotels

Best Uganda Safari Lodges, Camps & Hotels

On this page we bring you our selection of the best Uganda safari lodges, hotels and camps in each area of Uganda.  Uganda is served by a variety of accommodation options. 

We stand out in its concept of accommodation. We visit every property in Uganda in order to find the finest accommodations and provide you with expert guidance! Our Uganda safari lodges selection criteria are centered on each lodge’s view, service, location, style and price. 

We provide options in different standards and budgets. If you need help, just contact one of our Uganda Safari Experts for advice on choosing the right accommodation for your requirements.

How We Rate Accommodation In Uganda?

  • Budget: These include simple guesthouses, campsites, tented safari camps, or dormitory rooms that are available throughout Uganda. The standards of service and amenities are not high and you may share facilities with other guests.
  • Mid-range: This is the perfect option for comfortable, self-contained (‘en suite’) Uganda safari lodges, camps and hotels set in stunning locations that don’t cost a fortune.
  • Semi-luxury: All Uganda safari lodges, camps, and hotels in this category are more comfortable than the mid-range. Although locations are similar, the details are further refined. These Uganda lodges often have a swimming pool too.
  • Luxury: These Uganda safari lodges and hotels are fully equipped and comfortable. They are typically more spacious than the mid-range. And often offers facilities like swimming pools, masseurs & sometimes even private butlers.

Hotels in Entebbe

Entebbe is an attractive, verdant town on the shores of gorgeous Lake Victoria. Unless you have compelling need to rush into Kampala, Entebbe makes a pleasant, chilled-out introduction to Uganda. And many visitors prefer to base themselves here for a few days rather than in Kampala. 

It is also a great place to end your Uganda safari trip if you are stuck with one of the many early-morning flights out of Uganda’s only international airport. Here are the best places to stay in Entebbe:

Hotels in Kampala

Uganda’s capital, Kampala offers a variety of accommodation choices. Accommodation in Kampala ranges from luxury city hotels to relaxed suburban resorts and guest houses – enough to suit all tastes, budgets and trip types. Whether you are looking for a place to stay before or after your Uganda gorilla safari adventure, or if you want to enjoy Kampala’s many attractions, our selection of Kampala hotels is sure to inspire you and will make planning your Uganda safari tour so much simpler.

Here are our recommended places to stay/hotels in Kampala:

  1. Latitude 0° Hotel in Makindye (Luxury)
  2. Lake Victoria Serena Resort & Spa (Luxury)
  3. Cassia Lodge Buziga (Midrange)
  4. Speke Resort Munyonyo (Luxury)
  5. Serena Hotel Kampala (Luxury)
  6. Sheraton Hotel Kampala (Luxury)
  7. Protea Hotel By Marriott Kampala (Luxury)
  8. Protea Hotel By Marriott Kampala Skyz (Luxury)
  9. Golden Tulip Canaan Kampala Hotel (Luxury)
  10. Le Petit Village (Semi-Luxe)
  11. Humura Resorts (Luxury)
  12. Emin Pasha Hotel – Luxury

Lodges & Hotels in Jinja

Jinja town is located about 80 kilometers east of Kampala. Jinja is famed for being the source of the Nile and it is where adrenalin-junkies of all abilities come to enjoy white water rafting, freestyle white water kayaking, bungee-jumping, quad biking, mountain biking, tubing, sport fishing, and other adventure-based activities. 

It is an ideal place for short Uganda tours and weekend trips from Kampala. As for where to stay in Jinja, the town is served by a diverse network of accommodation. Here, we introduce our favorite Uganda safari lodges and Uganda safari camps in Jinja:

  1. Lemala Wildwaters Lodge (High-End)
  2. Jinja Nile Resort (Luxury)
  3. The Haven Eco River Lodge (Semi-Luxe)
  4. 2 Friends Guesthouse Jinja (Mid-Range)
  5. The Nile Porch River Lodge (Budget)
  6. Explorers River Camp Jinja (Budget)
  7. Busoga Trust Guesthouse (Budget)
  8. Jinja Source of the Nile Hotel (Midrange)
  9. Bilkon Hotel Jinja (Midrange)
  10. Brisk Hotel Triangle Jinja (Midrange)
  11. Sunset Hotel International
  12. King Kingfisher Safari Resort

Hotels In Mbale, Mount Elgon & Sipi Area

  • Mbale Resort (Semi-Luxe)
  • Mount Elgon Hotel And Spa
  • Sipi River Lodge (Semi-Luxe)
  • Lacam Lodge (Budget / Mid-Range)
  • Home Of Friends Guesthouse (Budget / Mid-Range)
  • Noah’s Ark Hotel

Hotels In Gulu

  1. Churchill Courts (Mid-Range)
  2. Boma Hotel Gulu (Mid-Range)

Lodges In Kidepo Valley National Park

  1. Apoka Lodge (High-End)
  2. Kidepo Savannah Lodge (Budget -Mid-Range)
  3. Apoka Rest Camp
  4. Zebra Safari Lodge (Midrange)
  5. Karatunga Safari Camp (Budget/Midrange)

Lodges In Murchison Falls National Park

  1. Bakers Lodge (High-End)
  2. Paraa Lodge Luxury Tents (High-End)
  3. Nile Safari Lodge (Luxury)
  4. Chobe Safari Lodge (Luxury)
  5. Paraa Lodge Standard Rooms (Semi-Luxe)
  6. Kabalega Wilderness Lodge (Semi-Luxe)
  7. Murchison River Lodge (Mid-Range/Semi-Luxe)
  8. Bwana Tembo (Mid-Range)
  9. Fort Murchison – Rooms (Mid-Range)
  10. Pakuba Safari Lodge (Midrange)
  11. Parkside Safari Lodge (Midrange)
  12. Fort Murchison – Safari Tents (Budget)
  13. Bush Camping On Delta (Budget)
  14. Murchison River Lodge – Lazy Camping (Budget)
  15. Hornbill Bush Lodge (Budget)
  16. Red-Chilli Rest Camp (Budget)
  17. Heritage Safari Lodge (Budget)

Lodges In Fort Portal & Kibale Forest

  1. Kyaninga Lodge (High End)
  2. Papaya Lake Lodge (High-End)
  3. Ndali Lodge (High-End)
  4. Crater Safari Lodge (Luxury)
  5. Primate Lodge – Luxury Cottages (Semi-Luxe)
  6. Turaco Treetops (Mid-Range/ Semi-Luxe)
  7. Primate Lodge – Forest Cottages (Mid-Range)
  8. Kibale Forest Camp (Mid-Range)
  9. Isunga Lodge (Mid-Range)
  10. Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse – Cottages (Mid-Range)
  11. Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse – Main House (Budget)
  12. Kibale Guest Cottages (Mid-Range)
  13. Mountains Of The Moon Hotel (Midrange)
  14. Dutchess (Mid-Range)
  15. Kibale Forest Camp – Lazy Camping (Budget)

Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park

  1. Kyambura Gorge Lodge (High End)
  2. Mweya Lodge, Luxury Tents (High-End)
  3. Mweya Lodge, Standard Rooms (Semi-Luxe)
  4. Katara Lodge (Semi-Luxe)
  5. Ihamba Safari Lodge (Mid-Range)
  6. Marafiki Safari Lodge (Mid-Range)
  7. Bush Lodge (Mid-Range)
  8. Bush Lodge, Lazy Camping (Budget)
  9. Enganzi Lodge (Midrange)
  10. Kasenyi Safari Camp (Midrange)
  11. Park View Safari Lodge (Midrange)
  12. Pumba Safari Cottages (Budget)
  13. Topi Lodge (Budget)
  14. Ishasha Wilderness Camp (High End)
  15. Enjojo Lodge (Mid-Range)
  16. Ishasha Jungle Lodge (Semi-Luxe)
  17. Enjojo Lodge – Bamboo Huts And Canvas Tents (Budget)

Lodges In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Buhoma Sector

  1. Bwindi Safari Lodge (High End)
  2. Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp (High-End)
  3. Buhoma Lodge (High-End)
  4. Engagi Lodge (Semi-Luxe)
  5. Mahogany Springs (Semi-Luxe)
  6. Silverback Lodge (Mid-Range)
  7. Buhoma Community Restcamp (Budget)

Ruhija Sector

  1. Bakiga Lodge (Budget)
  2. Gorilla Friends Camp (Budget)
  3. Gorilla Mist Camp (Midrange)
  4. Agandi Eco Lodge (Midrange)
  5. Trekkers Tavern Cottages (Budget)

Rushaga Sector

  1. Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge (High End)
  2. Chameleon Hill (Semi-Luxe)
  3. Mutanda Lake Resort (Mid-Range)
  4. Gorilla Safari Lodge (Mid-Range)
  5. Gorilla Valley Lodge (Budget-Mid-Range)
  6. Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge (Budget)
  7. Nkuringo Sector – Bwindi
  8. Nkuringo Bwindi Lodge
  9. Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Lodges At Lake Bunyonyi

  1. Bird Nest (Mid-Range/Semi-Luxe)
  2. Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort (Budget-Midrange)
  3. Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort
  4. Crater Bay Cottages (Budget)
  5. Heritage Lodge (Mid-Range)
  6. Arcadia Cottages (Budget/ Mid-Range)
  7. Bushara Island (Budget)

Lodges In Lake Mburo National Park

  1. Mihingo Lodge (High-End)
  2. Mburo Safari Lodge (Luxury)
  3. Rwakobo Rock (Mid-Range)
  4. Eagles Nest (Budget)
  5. Leopard Rest Camp (Budget)

Lake Victoria - Ssese Islands Hotels

  1. Pineapple Bay (High End)
  2. One Minute South (Semi-Luxe)
  3. Lagoon Resort (Mid-Range/ Semi-Luxe)
  4. Brovad Sands Lodge (Mid-Range)
  5. Mirembe Beach Resort Hotel (Midrange)
  6. Victoria Forest Resort (Semi-Luxe)