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Why Visit Uganda? 15 Best Reasons To Book A Uganda Safari In 2023

Lake Bunyonyi, Why Visit Uganda

Why Visit Uganda? 15 Best Reasons To Book A Uganda Safari In 2023

Why Visit Uganda? “Oh Uganda, land of beauty” is the opening line of this East African country’s national anthem. And it is certainly true!  

But besides beautiful green landscapes, pleasant tropical climate, and richly diverse wildlife species, there are so many reasons to visit Uganda.

Named one of the 23 best destinations to visit in 2023 by CNN Travel, Uganda offers friendly people, a safe travel environment, and good tourism infrastructure. Although landlocked, the country contains the largest tropical lake on Earth, the source of the world’s longest river, and Africa’s second deepest lake.

Sir Winston Churchill coined the nickname “The Pearl of Africa” in 1908, to convey the beauty, variety, and natural wealth of the land.  With so much to see, here are our Best Reasons to Book a Uganda Safari In 2023:

Why Visit Uganda?

1. Rare Mountain Gorillas

Number one of our best reasons to visit Uganda is a chance to encounter one the rarest animals in the world.

Uganda protects more than half of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. And it’s one of the only 3 countries in the world where it is possible to see these gentle giants in the wild.

Also trekking gorillas in Uganda in 2023 is far cheaper than gorilla trekking in Rwanda, even though both offer equally fantastic experiences. Read more about Gorilla trekking Rwanda vs Uganda.


  • Observe rare mountain gorillas of Uganda when gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks.
  • Relatively cheap Uganda gorilla trekking permits

2. Encounter Chimpanzees

Number two of our best reasons to visit Uganda is the opportunity to see yet another species of great – this time man’s closest relative, the chimpanzee. Uganda boasts over 5700 wild chimpanzees.

Kibale Forest is the most recommended for travelers seeking to see chimps on Uganda safaris. The park is home to over 1500 chimpanzees.

And it offers a 95% successful tracking rate – far greater than any other location which offers chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, or Tanzania. Read more about the best places to see chimpanzees in Uganda.


  • Search for chimpanzees in Kibale Forest
  • Chance to get close to our closest reliving relatives

3. See Old World Monkeys

Gorillas and Chimpanzees are not the only primates you will have the privilege of seeing up close in Uganda. Uganda has the highest density of primates. 

The extensive rainforest jungles of this landlocked African country host 18 monkey species, including red colobus, Back-and-white colobus, Blue monkey, Mangabey, Red-tailed monkey, Olive Baboons, Bush baby, Potto, the rare white-bearded L’Hoest’s monkey and the gorgeous golden monkeys.

Kibale Forest is home to the Africa’s highest density and diversity of primates, with 13 monkey species inhabiting this 776km2 park.


  • Trek for the gorgeous golden monkeys in Virunga Volcanoes
  • The life-changing opportunity to watch primates interact with each other in their natural habitat.

4. Enjoy Classic Big Game Viewing

Besides amazing primate treks, Uganda also offers fantastic game viewing. All the Big 5 can be seen in Uganda – something only a few African nations can claim. The Big Five are Lion, Leopard, Rhino, African elephant, and African buffalo.

Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls Parks are the country’s premier destinations for classic game viewing. These Uganda wildlife parks offer amazing sightings of elephants, hippos, crocs, buffalos and a variety of antelope species. However, the stars of the show are certainly the famous tree-climbing lions.


  • Opportunity to see the famous tree-climbing lions of Uganda
  • Chance to see the Big Five animals of Africa
  • Classic safari game drives and boat cruises through the parks

5. Sensational Bird Watching

Uganda has 1,090 of the 2,250 bird species recorded on the African continent. The country is the richest birding destination on the continent. And it is also the 10th worldwide going by the number of species per square kilometer.

Top avian species include the iconic Shoebill, Grey Parrot, Green-breasted Pitta, Great Blue Turaco, 24 Albertine Rift Endemics, and many others.  Read more about the top bird watching spots in Uganda.


  • The opportunity to see the iconic Shoebill stork
  • Searching for the Albertine Rift Endemic birds

6. Captivating Landscape

Uganda’s landscape boasts outstanding features.

The world’s largest tropical lake, Lake Victoria, the source of the world’s longest river, River Nile, the world’s strongest waterfall, Murchison Falls, Africa’s second deepest lake, Lake Bunyonyi and Africa’s tallest mountain range, Rwenzori Mountains are all found in Uganda.

From the lush basin of the Great Rift Valley and the magical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to the sparkling water of the Kazinga Channel and striking views of the Virunga Volcanoes, Uganda is a paradise for nature lovers.

The snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, a World Heritage Site is a breathtaking sight to behold, offering stunning scenery of forests, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and glaciers. You can experience Uganda’s landscapes up close through hikes, boat cruises, mountain biking, rafting, canoeing, etc…


  • Explore the lakes, rainforests, savannas and mountain ranges through hikes, game drives, boat cruises and mountain biking excursions.
  • Soak up the breathtaking sights that inspired the nickname, ’Pearl of Africa’.

7. Crowd-Free Safari

Uganda sees fewer tourists compared to its East Africa neighbours of Tanzania and Kenya. One of the first questions we’re asked is: Where is Uganda found? A true hidden gem, Uganda is relatively unknown to many outside of Africa.

However, this is fantastic news for safari-goers seeking a crowd-free trip. Safari tours in Uganda afford a more personalized, private and exclusive experience, where there are little to no other visitors around during your stay.


  • Undiscovered and authentic safari experience in one of Africa’s best-kept secrets.
  • Enjoy exclusivity, privacy and personalized service throughout your trip.
  • Thrilling gorilla treks and game drives away from mass crowds.

8. Easily Combines With Other Africa Destinations

In addition to the smaller crowds, Uganda is easily combined with other top African destinations. The neighboring countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo are easily coupled with your Uganda safaris.

This means that, you can visit enjoy big game viewing and the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara or Serengeti and then go gorilla trekking through the rainforests of Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla Parks.

And after encountering the rare mountain gorillas, you can end your trip off with a beachside escape in Zanzibar for a bit of rest and relaxation before heading home.


  • Combine your Uganda gorilla safari with other popular destinations, like the Masai Mara, Serengeti, and Zanzibar.

9. Friendly Local People

Besides the rich, diverse wildlife and natural landscape, another of the best reasons to visit Uganda is its people.  

Happy, generous, friendly and welcoming are the words closely associated with the Ugandan people. They’re known as sociable, exuberant extroverts who are more than willing to welcome and help every visitor to their country.

10. Enriching Cultural Experiences

Beyond their friendliness and warmth, the people of Uganda are also some of the most fascinating individuals you will ever meet.

More than 50 tribes with different cultures call Uganda home. This makes the country a cultural melting pot of various indigenous people.

One of the highlights of visiting Uganda is immersing yourself in the culture and also learning from the Ugandans as they share their colourful dress, music, dance, food and languages with you.


  • Meet Batwa Pygmy community and learn traditional crafts, like weaving a basket and carving a mark.
  • Cultural visits to the local Karamajongo People.

11. A Variety of Accommodation Options

Just like in other matters, Uganda does not fail to satisfy visitors regarding its wide range of accommodation. You can choose from a wide spectrum of accommodation options. These include safari camps, lodges, hostels, guest houses, and large luxury hotels.

In any of these options, you will get picturesque scenery, mostly ideal locations, and close proximity to wilderness.

12. Perfect Weather

The weather and climate of Uganda is almost always very nice. This is one of thirteen countries in the world that lies on the Equator.  

In fact, when planning your safari to Uganda, you’ll not need to worry about extreme cold and hot seasons because Uganda has a warm, sunny climate most of the year. Read our guide on the Best Time to Visit Uganda.

13. Uganda Is Safe

For long, Uganda has larked in the shadow of its tumultuous past of civil wars and bad leaders, so much that many people still believe the dictator Idi Amin is still the president of Uganda, a man that died decades ago.

For more than 15 years now Uganda has enjoyed peace with no war going on in her land. It is in fact one of the safest countries to visit in Africa.

14. Affordability  

If you are interested in a budget safari in Africa, Uganda is one of the most recommended in Africa. The country offers affordable mountain gorilla tracking safaris without compromising the quality of the experience. 

In fact, a Uganda gorilla trekking permit cost $700 compared to the Rwanda gorilla permit which costs $1500 per person per trek.

15. Professional Local Safari Guides

Professional safari guides are critical if you are going to have a great safari these are readily available in Uganda for you on safari. Uganda safari guides are also fluent in English, French, and German.

English is the Official Language in Uganda. Not only that, but according to a study by the World Linguistic Society released in 2017, Ugandans speak the best English in all of Africa, followed by Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Botswana, Sudan, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

16. Simple Visa Application Process

Uganda Visa Application process to enter as a tourist is quick and easy. You will go on the Uganda online E-visa system where you’ll fill in the application form. Read more about Uganda Visa.

Why Visit Uganda?

There are so many reasons to go on safari in Uganda, not the least of which is that it will be an adventure of a lifetime.  So let us help you plan and book your Uganda safari. You can contact us here. Our safari experts will be happy to assist you.

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